Corporate Profile

TLI Group Ltd.® is a Delaware incorporated company that is the manufacturer of an innovative, broad based fire protection solution. This product can be tailored to protect a wide range of flammable materials, including cardboard, wood, and natural fibers. TLI is interested in taking a leadership position in fire protection products to markets worldwide. TLI's base product is an effective mixture of non-toxic, water soluble, inorganic materials which prevents and retards fire spread in certain materials. This product has been tested and certified by Underwriter's Laboratories (UL), guaranteeing that it meets high standards of safety and effectiveness. Additional inorganic materials are added to the base mixture to improve and target the resulting solution's properties for specific applications.

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Seasoned Leadership

Headed by a synergistic research and development team of seasoned professionals, TLI Group continues to search for new applications for its base mixture of inorganic materials. TLI has completed development of a new extinguishing agent for Class D (metal) fires such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and zirconium, and is continuing to develop the encapsulation of formulation for use in synthetic fibers as those fibers are spun. This agent has also proven effective in quickly knocking down Class A, B and K fires. FEM-12 SC can also be used effectively on carbon fiber, fiberglass, and composite fires.


Industry Breakthrough

TLI has just introduced its latest new delivery system model FC35. This fire extinguisher holds 2.5 gallons of FEM-12 SC. It is made of materials to allow for increased charging pressure to increase the safety distance between the fire fighter and the ignited materials. TLI has incorporated carbon stainless steel in the construction of its new extinguisher to reduce the weight of the unit. The highest quality materials are used to make the most efficient and economically fire extinguisher on the market today. The price of the extinguisher is lower than other comparable sized steel Class "D" extinguisher. The new extinguisher out performs all other Class "D" extinguishers in that it also can be used as a Class "A" and "B" as well as Class "D" making it the most versatile extinguisher in the world today.